Back on track

I don't know much about the Selfridges (London) "food court", I imagine it to be an area of the store with posh takeaways... you know more like wimpy and noddle king than king burger and southern fried chicken. But it seems like it is a proper store.

Ok, I say proper, but it can't be much more than a tescos express with the amount of flour they have on sale.


Oh, I was so excited I forgot to say thanks to Peter for sending the picture in. He must be living the dream shopping in Selfridges for his weekly big shop.

Lets get down to business. Not a big range, but it smells of quality and it is fully stocked.

I'd like to see them standing tall and less leaning, and the headstands by the little fellas to the right.... just lazy arranging. There is a time and place for creative arranging, but they obviously ain't aware of either.

If they had a few shelves that looked like this, then it would be a contender, unfortunately it isn't.


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  1. Posted 07 September 2013 at 08:48:37

    It's clear you're of the lastest generation of FAers, who are in it for the glory of the sport, and lack the inclination to understand the real beauty of the art.

  2. Posted 09 January 2014 at 08:21:16

    Anyway, by the time my mum recovered from the "shelf shock", she walkie talkied my dad to bring a camera, but by the time he got there, they started filling the shelves again.

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