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Flower Market, Columbia Road - Part II

... continuing on from the previous episode of "Flower Market, Columbia Road - Part I".

Julian stepped up and wasn't content with one flour arrangement, he wanted MORE! Well, he said that he wanted a couple of pictures to be able to give a fair picture of what the floral road had too offer. Good work Julian.

On to Londis, Columbia Road, where it was better, not much better, but better than Maks.

Londis E2 - 2

Now, you can see that Julian was drawn in to the side stacking. It caught his eye and to some it's good to see, to others they frown upon it. I don't mind. In this case, it makes there arrangement more interesting than others of a simalar size. Small point would be to have it faceing the right way round for the customer looking down upon it.

The problem with this picture is that it's not giving the full experiance. Yes, there is more McDougalls to the left, just out of shot. Never fear, our flour aficionado doesn't leave it there.

Londis E2-1

BAMM! The bigger picture! "Tidy" I hear you say. But WHAT THE FORK is that slap bang in the middle. MORE FLOUR. It's a good job the Hovis Wholemeal is bright yellow, otherwise you might have thought the bottom shelf was all they had to offer.

I don't believe in segregation like this. The wholemeal belongs with his buddies. Points lost!

Otherwise, tidy, different (plus point for being a side stacker), full. Minimal range, but we are learning that's what you get in a small store.

3/10 - segregation doesn't have a place in this site.

Thanks Julian for the Flower Flour tour.

Not the best from the Netherlands

This could be the future of flour arrangements. Flour out of it's packets, bags fallen over...... but not on my watch! .... well not in a shop. That's just spillage and waste.

Luke has sent this picture from the Netherlands. Thanks Luke! It was good of him to take time out from his holiday to get this snap, although it is disapointing to see the state of them shelves.


It's good to be reminded of what is going on in the world today. I think that my local Waitrose shields me from these situations and we need to be reminded of what is going on out there. There are spillages!

This is a difficult one to score, as it's not so bad if you don't see the mess (in the bottom right hand corner), but it is there. So it can't be forgotten. It's got quantity (although not full), a range (although it's not great) and an effort has been made to line it up (kind of).

But even if it is a vast generalisation, I agree with Luke "Dutch don't do it well...".

Hopefully we get some more dutch pictures to prove us wrong.


Simple arrangement

Thanks for everyone sending in pictures and keep them coming.

The picture sent in today is from a flour fan who is in fact...  my mum. As the best mum in the world, her first picture was taken some time ago, but not emailed in until recently. The first picture she took shows where we should all be starting from, not tescos, the basics..

Lowestoft 1

The picture shows mainstream flour arranging, with the basic white flours.

  • Red = Plain
  • Blue = Self Raising

You can see the focus is on the two colours and how they have attempted to have the flours lined up across the two shelves. Maybe it would have been nicer if the small plain flour was on another shelf. It would given a nicer lines.

The rating can only be on what the picture shows, although we can see that this store probably has a lot more to offer.

As it is only a basic display with the basic flours, there is a ceiling to the points it can achieve. It has bundles there, and it's not too shabby.


Thanks mum!

I started close to home

Here is a photo of the first arrangement i took.

My first arrangement

It was taken in Tescos, Clerkenwell, Central London.

I don't know how this will work but surely I should rate this professional arrangement - people are being paid to arrange these, so it is professional.

The selection is poor with just one brand, the positioning ain't great and it just doesn't have any life.

3 / 10 and i think i am being kind.