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Happy Buda-pest

Holy grain! Things have been looking a little bleak recently on the Flour Arranging front, but Peter has saved the day with this little beauty from Tesco in Budapest.

Budapest - Tesco

What I really like about this arrangement is we're back to shelved flour. No pallets or plastic packs stacked in the middle of an aisle, just flour, in it's rightful place, presented nicely, on a shelf.

I know this arrangement isn't perfect (some facing-up is desperately needed) and there is a nasty gaping hole where more flour should be, but it's a move in the right direction!

A solid 6/10


Pretty Poringland

Budgens Poringland is probably the biggest Budgens i have ever seen. It looks like a a (small) supermarket. You know it has a car park and seems like it is pretty big, but in fact it's not THAT big.  Well anyway, it's bigger than one you might find in a local promenade.

Thanks Victoria for sending in this picture, it's nice to receive a picture from a more rural part of the UK and a good way to kick off the new year. Happy new year.

Poringland - Budgens

Now I agree with Victoria who says "a surprisingly large selection for a small supermarket". Yes, it is bigger than the smaller shops, but isn't the biggest we have seen from a reseller of this size.

Looking back to the previous Budgens, a shop that is a bit smaller had arguably a better range.

BUT, yes, BUT!

There are two things that I am absolutely loving about this arrangement!

  • Wrights Flour - top shelf in the centre, we know where that came from hey deb the bread ;)
  • A reduced sticker! - the first appearance in a flour arrangement, not that the value of flour should ever be reduced, but it is the first on the site.

On the other hand, there are items which are out of stock, which i am not a fan off.

Overall not a bad arrangement, but not great.


Back on track

I don't know much about the Selfridges (London) "food court", I imagine it to be an area of the store with posh takeaways... you know more like wimpy and noddle king than king burger and southern fried chicken. But it seems like it is a proper store.

Ok, I say proper, but it can't be much more than a tescos express with the amount of flour they have on sale.


Oh, I was so excited I forgot to say thanks to Peter for sending the picture in. He must be living the dream shopping in Selfridges for his weekly big shop.

Lets get down to business. Not a big range, but it smells of quality and it is fully stocked.

I'd like to see them standing tall and less leaning, and the headstands by the little fellas to the right.... just lazy arranging. There is a time and place for creative arranging, but they obviously ain't aware of either.

If they had a few shelves that looked like this, then it would be a contender, unfortunately it isn't.


"Get out of my way!"

Thanks Tina!

From what I was told, this was a tricky photo to take. Fame seekers wanting to appear on this site kept trying to get into the picture. It's understandable, but unless it's the flour arranger or you are with the flour arranger, let the glorious white stuff do the talking.

This picture was taken in Morrison's in Chalk Farm. I believe it was a Sunday which would explain the level of stock, but the stock levels aside, its a good range of flours.

Morrisons - Chalk Farm

Nice to see the ranges in sizes as well as the range of types and brands. It's a pretty colourful arrangement, but it is just not a full enough show for it to be the quality it could be.

It's tidy, which is often a problem when the levels are low. Well maintained.

I agree with a comment from "G Rain" on a previous entry, that the arrangment it living, but in this case, it could have been higher if a little more filled...


Sam in Prague

I don't really know what to say. Some cracking pictures of a foreign (not in the UK) store.

Hopefully i don't get over excited by this first set of pictures from a "flour fanatic"(?) and get too generous with points.

Check these beauties! Czech Republic Tesco in Andel, Prague.

Prague 1 - tescos

Nice variety, could do with "facing up" (a technical term for bringing the self contents to the front of the shelf), quantity is good on most of the lines, but a little low on the bottom shelf in the next picture.

Prague 2 - tescos

But they'll not run out when they have palettes of the stuff.

Prague 3 - tescos

Now the quanity is there but boy is that messy! What is the "rapid" cleaning product doing to the right?  I suppose you need to clean up after some baking.

Not sure if the cost is good or not, maybe sam will comment and tell us more information.

It's difficult to comment on the overall arrangement as the first picture looks good, the second could do better, and the last is ok but messy around the edges. Maybe they could have got some patten going on the pallet?