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Flower Market, Columbia Road - Part II

... continuing on from the previous episode of "Flower Market, Columbia Road - Part I".

Julian stepped up and wasn't content with one flour arrangement, he wanted MORE! Well, he said that he wanted a couple of pictures to be able to give a fair picture of what the floral road had too offer. Good work Julian.

On to Londis, Columbia Road, where it was better, not much better, but better than Maks.

Londis E2 - 2

Now, you can see that Julian was drawn in to the side stacking. It caught his eye and to some it's good to see, to others they frown upon it. I don't mind. In this case, it makes there arrangement more interesting than others of a simalar size. Small point would be to have it faceing the right way round for the customer looking down upon it.

The problem with this picture is that it's not giving the full experiance. Yes, there is more McDougalls to the left, just out of shot. Never fear, our flour aficionado doesn't leave it there.

Londis E2-1

BAMM! The bigger picture! "Tidy" I hear you say. But WHAT THE FORK is that slap bang in the middle. MORE FLOUR. It's a good job the Hovis Wholemeal is bright yellow, otherwise you might have thought the bottom shelf was all they had to offer.

I don't believe in segregation like this. The wholemeal belongs with his buddies. Points lost!

Otherwise, tidy, different (plus point for being a side stacker), full. Minimal range, but we are learning that's what you get in a small store.

3/10 - segregation doesn't have a place in this site.

Thanks Julian for the Flower Flour tour.

Flower Market, Columbia Road - Part I

Yes, I said it Flower Market. I don't hate the flowers, i just don't like it when people get the ones with petals mixed up with the good stuff.

Today we have some pictures from Julian. He's a good flour man, so good he has taken pictures of more than one place, which means i'll post more from him in the future. Thanks Julian.

He thought it would be funny to go to London's Columbia Road Flower Market, to check out the flour. Genius. I doubt those market traders selling there lillys knew what hit them as Julian strolled straight passed them and into Maks News.

Maks News. Flower Market E2

Which is a little disappointing, but as with all good local shops, it seems like they have the shelves full to the brim and have a little of everything.

Pretty standard (for a small shop), not fully filled, but faced. What more can be said.

3/10 - Bonus point for store location.

Columbia Road to be continued.....