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See how important it should be!

Now, for a while I have been hoping for someone to send me a picture of the flour in a store that shows it's true value. Not just on a shelf in the home baking section, but being having a song and dance made about it.

How can you top this doooozy!??!?

BAMM! In the middle of the store, two pallets!  Nobody will have trouble finding the flour now.

interspa pankrac

It would be easy to moan because it's on pallets, but as the pro arrangers out there will know, pallets can make it look bad.... but it isn't too bad here.

If it looked too unsafe I would be shouting "THIS ISN"T THE STOCKROOM PEOPLE!!!!" because it could be a - if in the UK - a Health and Safety issue.

I am not sure how to judge it in terms of an "arrangement", so I'll judge it on how pleased i was to see it.



for a minute i thought i was alone

You wouldn't believe it. Actually you would, as you (not me) has been sending pictures of some flour arrangements!

I thought i was alone, and that this would only be some lonely recordings of my flour arrangement spotting. Then Sam sends some lovely pictures from Prague! Yes Prague in the Czech Republic!

I'll add them shortly, but i just had to share the excitement that i am not alone.

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