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Monique: Calculon! But I thought you were..... Calculon: Egyptian?!

Yes! Egyptian!

Finally the middle east is involved. Now, I am not too sure of the location, but I know it's in Cairo, Egypt.

I said it would be difficult to explain to someone in France about flour arranging, well I think Sherif had the same worries in when taking his photos. All the photos arrived looking like they had been taken at 45 degrees and through a bag. I can imagine the camera being hidden in a fake flower in his breast pocket.

Flour is heavily subsidised by the Government in Egypt, and as a flour nation they aren't a engulfed in our capitalist flour ways, so this arrangement is different to the western world's.

All the pictures have been rotated to save neck pains.

Sneeky approach

The approach, to the flour.... down the flour walled roads.

Flour Walls

Into the flour door - making sure not to block the fan.

Flour men

Past the Bill and Ben (the flour pot men).


Specialist flours in shade, under cover. .... the special stuff.

I think these pictures are awesome, and I wish I had some clever things to say.

Yep, I'm speechless. It may not be flour arranging in a shop, in the cupboard, or in a warehouse like we know it. but it's well organised, good selection and if the guys didn't look so busy, they could probably built a castle with it.