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Flower Market, Columbia Road - Part I

Yes, I said it Flower Market. I don't hate the flowers, i just don't like it when people get the ones with petals mixed up with the good stuff.

Today we have some pictures from Julian. He's a good flour man, so good he has taken pictures of more than one place, which means i'll post more from him in the future. Thanks Julian.

He thought it would be funny to go to London's Columbia Road Flower Market, to check out the flour. Genius. I doubt those market traders selling there lillys knew what hit them as Julian strolled straight passed them and into Maks News.

Maks News. Flower Market E2

Which is a little disappointing, but as with all good local shops, it seems like they have the shelves full to the brim and have a little of everything.

Pretty standard (for a small shop), not fully filled, but faced. What more can be said.

3/10 - Bonus point for store location.

Columbia Road to be continued.....