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Simple arrangement

Thanks for everyone sending in pictures and keep them coming.

The picture sent in today is from a flour fan who is in fact...  my mum. As the best mum in the world, her first picture was taken some time ago, but not emailed in until recently. The first picture she took shows where we should all be starting from, not tescos, the basics..

Lowestoft 1

The picture shows mainstream flour arranging, with the basic white flours.

  • Red = Plain
  • Blue = Self Raising

You can see the focus is on the two colours and how they have attempted to have the flours lined up across the two shelves. Maybe it would have been nicer if the small plain flour was on another shelf. It would given a nicer lines.

The rating can only be on what the picture shows, although we can see that this store probably has a lot more to offer.

As it is only a basic display with the basic flours, there is a ceiling to the points it can achieve. It has bundles there, and it's not too shabby.


Thanks mum!