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Working the same corner

I don't know if you remember, but way back in September I popped into a One Stop, and commented how poor it was. If anything I was nice by giving it two out of ten.

Well, I have had a picture sent in from Stephen that has a flour arrangement just two doors away at the co-op, Oulton broad, Lowestoft. Thanks Stephen!

co-op westwood avenue

So what does the co-op local have that the one stop doesn't. A selection of flour! that's right, not just some mcdougals. but some homepride, allison and home brands.

You got to give them credit that it is very tidy, and the little one at the bottom is just showing some life, but the flour is spread out across a three of shelves. Surely the sultanas could be switched a bit.

It's better than one-stop that's for sure, but i am not a fan of the way they are not together as a unit.

It is tidy thought.


Follow me!

I am all twittered up and ready to go. If you would like to follow me on twitter, my user name is "flourarranging".

Just imagine if I befriended a celeb and get some shots of a famous person's home flour arrangement. How cool would that be? Someone must be friends with a celeb?

There are a bundle of photos i have been sent, but i've not had time to resize them for the site I'll hopefully do that later today.

stay tuned...

This isn't acceptable!

I suppose I should be grateful when someone sends in a picture.

The email arrives, it has an attachment, the subject says "flour arrangement", i get excited. "Now we are cookin'" I think, to find that someone thinks that my nod to baking week means that cup cakes become flour arrangements.

cup cakes

So, I am not grateful. Yes you read correctly. I don't want pictures of baked items.

Flour is involved in these things, yes, but once the egg and sugar gets involved ... I'm not interested.

I have a couple of real pictures to put up, but when i received this I just couldn't hold back.

Wright out of nowhere

Thanks to Deb the Bread for getting in touch and sending some glorious pictures of some large scale flour arrangements.

For those of you who don't know "Deb the Bread", I'd like you to question how much you really love flour, and why isn't she in your world.  Deb lives in the world of wright's flour and has been kind enough to send us some pictures.


Now check that arrangement. It's obvious they take arrangements seriously, though I have to wonder about that one stray pallet on the floor and not the shelf. hmm..

Deb The Bread was also kind enough to say that our flour lovers can "join our free club and be sent a free recipe booklet each year", you can find the sign up form here.

Here's another picture included in the email, of one proud professional arranger.

Sat on flour

Is it right to rate the flour arrangement? hell yeah.

I have a little experience of warehouse management, so I am defiantly in a position to judge.

Quantities look good, not too much, but enough to handle the flow of orders, and it looks like the range of flours are stocked.

It's super tidy and strong enough for a full grown man to sit on. what more can you want?

9/10 - it's not perfect, we're not forgetting that palette on the floor.

Not the best from the Netherlands

This could be the future of flour arrangements. Flour out of it's packets, bags fallen over...... but not on my watch! .... well not in a shop. That's just spillage and waste.

Luke has sent this picture from the Netherlands. Thanks Luke! It was good of him to take time out from his holiday to get this snap, although it is disapointing to see the state of them shelves.


It's good to be reminded of what is going on in the world today. I think that my local Waitrose shields me from these situations and we need to be reminded of what is going on out there. There are spillages!

This is a difficult one to score, as it's not so bad if you don't see the mess (in the bottom right hand corner), but it is there. So it can't be forgotten. It's got quantity (although not full), a range (although it's not great) and an effort has been made to line it up (kind of).

But even if it is a vast generalisation, I agree with Luke "Dutch don't do it well...".

Hopefully we get some more dutch pictures to prove us wrong.


"Whammy...sainos local Putney"

Nicely put Nick! Whammy indeed!

This time Nick's back with a professional arrangement, from his Sainsbury's local.

Putney Local

"Good choice for a small store but no pride in their display, tut!"

It does lack some quality straight lines (which you'd expect from the traditional display), but i personally think there is something in stacking them high and making the baker engage in a game of Jenga to get the flour they want.

I also love the fact that Sainsbury's see them as the "top shelf" items of the baking world. Just like the magazines are kept out of reach of the young ones, the flour needs to be up there too.

Even though I find this a humorous display, what is granny going to do? She's not going to be able to reach up there and if she can, will she be able to handle the pressure of Jenga??? I think a letter needs to be sent to some health and safety bod.

As Nick said, a nice range for a small store, but due to the dangers for Gran, It gets marked down.

This is serious.


"Get out of my way!"

Thanks Tina!

From what I was told, this was a tricky photo to take. Fame seekers wanting to appear on this site kept trying to get into the picture. It's understandable, but unless it's the flour arranger or you are with the flour arranger, let the glorious white stuff do the talking.

This picture was taken in Morrison's in Chalk Farm. I believe it was a Sunday which would explain the level of stock, but the stock levels aside, its a good range of flours.

Morrisons - Chalk Farm

Nice to see the ranges in sizes as well as the range of types and brands. It's a pretty colourful arrangement, but it is just not a full enough show for it to be the quality it could be.

It's tidy, which is often a problem when the levels are low. Well maintained.

I agree with a comment from "G Rain" on a previous entry, that the arrangment it living, but in this case, it could have been higher if a little more filled...


Irish Flour in Crouch End

Thanks to Odhrán for the latest pictures. He's an Irish man living in London, who seems to miss Irish flour that much he moved to a place that has a Budgens which sells Irish flour!

Ok, it might be a coincidence, but I'd like to think the love of flour was the main reason.

Crouch End

A lovely little spread that seems to be in a special "taste of ireland" section. Poor Odlums would probably rather be playing with all the other flours.

Crouch End 2

As Odhrán says..

"We have a main shelf with a large and colourful selection of flour in the home baking section".

... and he is right. a lovely range of colours, and i like the hoops design on the Budgens home brand.

They have a good range, could do with a bit of filling and tidying, but otherwise not bad at all.

7/10 - I added a bonus point for the international flour, but took it away for being segregated.

First Home Arrangement

"Forget the professionals" I hear you cry! "Just because they get paid to do it, doesn't mean they are any good."

We'll I don't know how true that is. If you haven't seen the previous entry featuring Waitrose in Clerkenwell, then you're not aware of how some of us take it seriously.

It is the brave amateur who sends a picture in for there arrangement to be ...erm given a baked critique by me. Someone has!!! We'll it isn't their arrangement.

The picture was sent in by Nick whilst raiding his mums cupboard, saying the following...

"Notice the mix of other backing related materials

Very difficult to distinguish between rye and very strong wholemeal due to side on arrangement

Hope you like"

Nicks Mum

The other shelves have been blurred to protect their identities, it also makes the content more sinister :)

What a lovely home arrangement, a nice and tidy baking shelf.

Nothing is running low, a nice selection of flours including a quality Rye. All the tops have been rolled the same way - a touch of detail I like.

Nick maybe right that a mix up could occur with the Rye and the Strong Wholemeal, but aesthetics win on this occasion.

Most over all, it's pleasing to see that this amateur isn't no "johnny come lately", by day they could be a professional and this is there out of hours project.

It's lovely. Thanks for sending the photo Nick.


Waitrose - Clerkenwell

I was a little too impressed yesterday. I was smiling from ear to ear as took these pictures. Those who were "shopping" and ignoring the beautiful flour arrangement looked puzzled about what i was smiling about. But I admit it I was very impressed.

They just don't understand, but when you look at the pictures, maybe you'll appreciate the effort. I'll let them do the talking.

full length shot

Clerkenwell 1

Yes. you're right. PRETTY IMPRESSIVE. So impressive I took two more pictures of the shelving to see the detail a little better.

Top half

Clerkenwell 1 - top

bottom half

clerkenwell 1 -bottom

What is there to say?

its got variety, not just in types but sizes. It's got cheap flour, expensive flour, it looks like the shelves are full, it's not scruffy.

I think it has a sign of quality. The shelf looks this good and it is mid-afternoon, and not at the end of the day tidy up.

A good arrangement. 9/10