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"Get out of my way!"

Thanks Tina!

From what I was told, this was a tricky photo to take. Fame seekers wanting to appear on this site kept trying to get into the picture. It's understandable, but unless it's the flour arranger or you are with the flour arranger, let the glorious white stuff do the talking.

This picture was taken in Morrison's in Chalk Farm. I believe it was a Sunday which would explain the level of stock, but the stock levels aside, its a good range of flours.

Morrisons - Chalk Farm

Nice to see the ranges in sizes as well as the range of types and brands. It's a pretty colourful arrangement, but it is just not a full enough show for it to be the quality it could be.

It's tidy, which is often a problem when the levels are low. Well maintained.

I agree with a comment from "G Rain" on a previous entry, that the arrangment it living, but in this case, it could have been higher if a little more filled...